Generic Genome Browser, v2

Welcome to the Generic Genome Browser!


Online tutorial and sample data files
Installation and configuration manual
GBrowse 2.0 HOWTO
Example scripts to control GBrowse from the command line

Example Databases (requires gbrowse-data package)

Example in-memory databases from yeast chromosomes 1 and 2 have been installed for you. Try them at these URL:

The "yeast_renderfarm" example will only work if a local gbrowse_slave render slave daemon is running. To launch the daemon, run this command as the root user:

% /etc/init.d/gbrowse-slave start

Alternative URLs

If you allowed the install process to adjust your Apache configuration, you can use the alias /gb2 as an alternative to /cgi-bin/gb2:

Accelerated Demos

By default, FastCGI and ModPerl are not set by gbrowse installation, However, if you have FastCGI and/or ModPerl installed, you will have access to accelerated versions of gbrowse a these URLs:

Directory Paths

For future reference, here is where you've installed GBrowse's various components:

GBrowse documentation, stylesheets and in-memory databases.

GBrowse configuration files

Preinstalled sample database(s)

GBrowse CGI (web) scripts

Temporary directories for cached images and sessions.

Learning More

To find out more about Gbrowse, try the:

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