Biomathematics/Bioinformatics seminar

During winter emester 2018/19, the Biomathematics/Bioinformatics seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 13:00. The seminar takes place in Conference rooms A+B in C_Fun_Gene (Beitz-Platz).

The talks may cover entire projects, small parts of projects, scientific papers, the practical implementation of bioinformatics tasks, the application of bioinformatics tools to biological projects, etc. Talks must not necessarily be interesting to a large audience (therefore see the paragraph about abstracts below the table).

Please enter your name and a preliminary title for your seminar talk into the following table at a date of your choice.

Date Speaker Title of the Talk Expected Duration Contact
30.10. Matthis Ebel Finding syntenic regions in multiple unannotated, unaligned genomes matthis.ebel@…
06.11. Kristina Wicke & Mareike Fischer Treebased networks 2 Talks kristina.wicke@…
20.11. Maha Youseef Corrosion rate of Mg alloys in bone healing 60 minutes maha.youssef{@}
27.11. Agnes Radl The resistance distance in random geometric graphs 30 min agnes.radl{@}
04.12. Neetika Nath neetika.nath{at}
18.12. Maryam Gholizadeh Analysis NGS data of bovine rumen tissue ~30 min maryam.gholizadeh@…
08.01. Nikolai Nojgaard Generic Group Contribution ~30min nnojgaard@…
15.01. Marcus Vollmer A Convolutional Neural Network for ECG Annotation as the Basis for Classification of Cardiac marcus.vollmer@…
22.01. Giovanna Migliorelli giovanna.migliorelli{@}
29.01. Shrief Abed shrief.abed@…
05.02. (probably different time) Katrin Wagels katrin.wagels{@}

Please send a short abstract to katharina.hoff[at] one week before your actual talk, latest on Friday morning before your talk. This abstract will be sent to the bioinformatics seminar mailing list.

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