Training Histomonas failed

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Training Histomonas failed

Post by alexnico84 »

Dear AUGUSTUS support team

I have just submitted the training for the genome of a unicellular eukaryote (Histomonas) and I am getting the following error:

Failed to execute, possible reasons could be:
1. There is already a database named "PASAtrainqgDvkvCq" in your mysql host.
2. The software "slclust" is not installed correctly, try to install it again (see the details in the PASA documentation).
3. The fasta headers in cDNA or genome file were not unique.
Inspect /data/www/augtrain/webdata/trainqgDvkvCq/autoAug/trainingSet/pasa/Launch_PASA_pipeline.stderr for PASA error messages.

I checked the fasta headers and they are unique.

Here are the details of my job:

Training job ID: trainqgDvkvCq
Species name: histomonas_attenuated
Genome file: hmel-attenuated-refined-assembly.fasta
cDNA file: parent3356-transcripts-shortnames.fasta

Thank you
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Re: Training Histomonas failed

Post by mehlan »

Sorry, we had a misconfiguration in our augustus training pipeline, which is now fixed.
Sorry for any inconvenience
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