bam2hints created an empty gff file

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bam2hints created an empty gff file

Post by Jung »

Dear all,
I am trying ab-initio gene prediction on my species.

According to this page ( ... seq.Tophat), I attempted to get intron hints from several sets of RNAseq data, but at step 11, bam2hints created an empty .gff file.

I think it's not error because there was no on terminal and it just said like:

Wait a moment, calculating maximum block size that needs to be allocated... .. done

I suspected I happened to make some mistakes at previous steps, but I could not figure out.
Please Help.
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Re: bam2hints created an empty gff file

Post by katharina »

Is it possible that you maxed the memory of your computer? If the bam file is huge, this might happen.
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