Data Input for Running AUGUSTUS

Use this form to submit your data for running AUGUSTUS on new genomic data with already available pre-trained parameters.

Please read the prediction tutorial before submitting a job for the first time. Example data for this form is available here. You may also use the button below to insert sample data. Please note that you will always need to enter the verification string at the bottom of the page, yourself, in order to submit a job!

We recommend that you specify an e-mail address.


You must either upload a *.tar.gz archive with AUGUSTUS species parameters from your computer
or specify a project identifier:   Help
AUGUSTUS species parameters *

You must either upload a genome file from your computer or specify a web link to a genome file:   Help
Genome file *  (max. 250000 scaffolds) Help

You may (optionally) also specify one or several of the following files that contain external evidence for protein coding genes: Help
cDNA file   Non-commercial users only  Help

Hints file   Help

The following checkboxes allow you to modify the gene prediction behavior of AUGUSTUS:

UTR prediction   Help

Report genes on

Alternative transcripts:

Allowed gene structure:  Help

 *  Help

We use a verification string to figure out whether you are a human person. Please type the text in the image below into the text field next to the image.


*) mandatory input arguments