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Gene Prediction Tool AUGUSTUS

AUGUSTUS is a program that predicts genes in eukaryotic genomic sequences.

The WebAUGUSTUS is a web application that allows training AUGUSTUS as well as predicting genes with AUGUSTUS (genome scale).

You have questions about using AUGUSTUS? Get answers in the AUGUSTUS forum at


GBrowse makes genomes and their annotations visually accessible for browsing.

Currently available browsers:

Most of our GBrowse projects require authentication. Please contact Katharina Hoff if you believe that you should have access to a certain GBrowse project.

Classification of Influenza A Sequences

ClassyFlu quickly determines for influenza A (sub)sequences of the HA gene the subtype or the subfamily for HPAIV sequences of subtype H5N1.

Analysis of sequences generated by codon-directed mutagenesis

Musi provides various simple statistics on DNA sequences generated by codon-directed mutagenesis.

Expert system for supporting the analysis of food intolerances

Nutri offers the opportunity to automatically analyse your food diary with respect to possible causes for food intolerance symptoms.